Strength Programming

Strength Programming

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Customized to fit your individual goals, we have several options to choose from to take your mind of the numbers and focus on the training. Let us calculate, you do the lifting!

Everything is based on your schedule, equipment, training experience, nutrition, and any other variable we need to consider. 

Basic: 30 day programming written in advance. Have a whole month of training planned ahead of time!

Weekly: 7 day/weekly programming and adjustments. Everything is based on how you feel and adjusted each week.

Feedback: 7 day/weekly programming and video critique. Not only will we take care of your numbers, we'll watch all your videos to determine how to maximize your training. 

Package: An entire season of programming. Whether it's off season or prep, we will take care of all your numbers to build mass, strength, and increase your lifts. This is a 12-16 week program. 

All correspondence is through email:

Videos can be sent directly or placed in the body of the email as a link.