Muscle & Mirth and Garage Gym Powerlifting (GGPL) are founded by David and Chari, a couple who loves to lift and parent their 5 kids. They felt inspired to share their love of lifting and established these brands to build and inspire. 

They were not always focused, disciplined, or athletic. It was through tumultuous, desperate times that they arose from a darkness into a vision of limitless possibility, a universe without boundaries.

We are all capable of magnificent feats, exuding confidence like champions, maintaining the inner peace and clarity of innocent children, exercising the discipline of elite soldiers, and building unrivaled strength! 

More than a brand, bigger than two people, beyond a website, Muscle & Mirth is a movement with a mission to bring unity, vision, peace, laughter, inspire strength within every part of life, and build others up to be authentic, true representations of focused living. Not perfect, but constantly improving.

Thank you for supporting Muscle & Mirth.

Embrace your greatness!

Much love, 

D & C



@muscleandmirth @garagegympowerlifting




Muscle & Mirth Enterprises, LLC. PO BOX 1124, Cedar City UT 84721 



On average, orders take 1 - 2 weeks for domestic delivery. International orders take 2 - 4 weeks.