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What is GGPL?

GGPL stands for Garage Gym Powerlifting, a worldwide community of powerlifters who train at home. 

Where is GGPL located?

GGPL Headquarters is located in Cedar City, Utah. The GGPL Community is worldwide!

Who runs/owns/organizes GGPL?

GGPL was founded by David & Chari Hensler in November 2018, and they continue to promote this amazing community.

What is a GGPL Meet?

Garage Gym Powerlifting Meet. A GGPL Meet is your event, meaning it can be anything you want to do related to powerlifting in your garage-adjacent gym (any gym at your residence). It can be any size, ranging from a small group to a large amount of lifters for Full Power/Push-Pull/Single Lift/AMRAP/Raw/Geared, etc. Talk to us about what you want to do, and we can help you organize, promote, and plan your event!

Does GGPL provide equipment, plates, bars, etc, for a Meet?

No, we do not provide any equipment for the meet. We do, however, help with making your meet a success and as awesome as you want it to be!

How much does a GGPL Meet cost?

All GGPL Meets start at $0 for a basic post announcement of the event. Prices vary by what you want. Contact david@garagegympowerlifting.com to get a quote.  

Who do I contact to plan a GGPL Meet?

GGPL - david@garagegympowerlifting.com

Is this only for the USA, or is it open to International gyms?

GGPL Meets are worldwide! Talk to us to get your event, no matter where you live, planned, organized, and awesome.

What prizes can I get to hand out to lifters?

Email david@garagegympowerlifting.com to discuss what you see your GGPL Meet becoming and we can make most apparel available, customized, and ready on the day of your event. If you want to customize a logo for a banner, tee-shirts, and most apparel, let us know. With adequate planning we can make this YOUR EVENT!

Does a GGPL Meet have to be full power?

No. This is for you! A meet can be anything you want, including raw, geared, full power, push-pull, single lifts, or amrap (as many repetitions as possible). Endless possibilities, like an amrap competition with any of the following movements: overhead press, bench press, squat, or deadlift performed with a fixed weight of either 135, 225, 315, 405, 495, 585, 675, 765, or 800 for as many reps as possible in one minute (60 seconds).

How many lifters need to participate/be present at the meet?

Be sure a minimum of 4 lifters will participate/be present. This is to ensure lifter safety with 2 spotters is provided. And someone needs to be in charge of giving commands. Let us know if you need help creating a roster and we are happy to get some lifters together!

Can I compete in a commercial gym?

Not for a GGPL Meet, no. 

Are there age requirements?

With parental consent and proper liability coverage, there are no age restrictions for youth. However, you should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.

What about liability for home owners, what happens if someone gets hurt on their property?

Lifter safety is a priority just as much as it is to ensure home owners/hosts of a GGPL Meet that they can create a Release of Liability/Waiver Form for lifters to sign before participating. We encourage all hosts of a GGPL Meet to investigate liability and their responsibility of injuries on their property before a meet occurs. 

Where will the results be posted, and how do we know if we set a record?

Email all results, including lifter information (name, gender, age, bodyweight) to david@garagegympowerlifting.com. All results will be given an independent page on garagegympowerlifting.com, listed as an event with each lifter's information, and records will be displayed by region (USA or International), gender, weight class, and highest successful attempts for each event type (full power, single lift, AMRAP, etc) on its own page. 

Are the leader boards (records) available to print?

At the moment all events, records, and results are listed as a web page, visible on garagegympowerlifting.com and available to share with a website link. So now you can send a direct link of your event, results, and records!

How do we organize weigh-ins?

As a general rule GGPL Meets go by a 24 hour weigh-in. Lifters are responsible for documenting their weight honestly. In the case of setting/breaking a record further verification is required. Please contact david@garagegympowerlifting.com for more details. 

How are the squat, bench, and deadlift judged?

Squats are below parallel. Bench is a full stop on chest. And deadlifts are always in control (no dropping barbells). Most of us powerlifters know what a good lift is, so let's maintain integrity of the sport. For questions or further clarification email david@garagegympowerlifting.com

Where do we send our video of the meet for verification?

Email to david@garagegympowerlifting.com or tag @garagegympowerlifting in all meet posts on Instagram, or invite us to show up (we might come!). 

Is there an approved equipment list?

We currently do not enforce any restrictions on equipment. This is an event meant for fun, to challenge each other, and set some PR's!

Do I need to become a GGPL member to participate?

GGPL exists as a worldwide community of powerlifters who train at home or in gyms adjacent to a garage. Membership is not a requirement. Anyone is eligible to participate no matter where they train. 

How do I find fellow lifters on GGPL near me?

If you need help finding other lifters from GGPL, do a #ggpl search on Instagram. Insert your location at the end of the hashtag and perform a search. For instance a search for #ggplwestvirginia will show lifters from West Virginia. Make some strong friends and compete together! 

Is a GGPL meet tested or non-tested?

Testing is at the discretion of the GGPL Meet host. As a rule, and in the spirit of powerlifting, GGPL supports everyone who is on a journey to better themselves through lifting heavy, no matter what path they choose. 


You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.


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